Former Sheriff David Clarke says it best!

It's not the police who need to be retrained, it's the public. We have grown into a mouthy, mobile phone wielding, vulgar, uncivil society with no personal responsibility and the attitude of 'it's the other person's fault', 'you owe me'. A society where children grow up with no boundaries or knowledge or concern for civil society and personal responsibility.

The Truth About Universal Backround Checks

aBy Marion P. Hammer

Imagine a grandfather who wants to give a family shotgun to his 12-year-old grandson being required to do a background check on his grandson before giving him the shotgun.

Or a friend having to do a background check on his lifetime best buddy before lending him a hunting rifle.

Or, if your mother had a prowler at her home, having to do a background check on your own Mom before you could let her borrow one of your guns for protection.

That’s what “universal background checks” do. They turn traditional innocent conduct into a criminal offense. They target you, law-abiding gun owners.

Benjamin Franklin Said It Best

by Marion P. Hammer

In the 1970's gun prohibitionists sought to outlaw handguns by calling them "Saturday Night Specials." "SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL" became a media buzz-word. The term could not be defined. But some folks thought they knew what it meant and had a mental image of these undefinable blacked-in silhouettes of handguns that were appearing in newspapers and on TV screens every time the news report was on crime.

The FTC Rules for Planning Your Funeral

ftc funeral rule
Many of us don't have experience planning a funeral. When it's time to make arrangements, we might ask friends and neighbors for information about local providers. Or ask family members to help shop and sort through the choices. Many of us do research online.

You may not realize it, but the FTC Funeral Rule is also here to help.


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