Yes, President Trump is Accomplishing Things

The media is ignoring President Trumps achievements

President Trump is being attacked from all sides – by the media, the Democrats, and even some Republicans.

They try to convince you that he hasn't really accomplished anything. They try to find any kind of irregularity in an attempt to build a scandal. Anything to distract you about what he's accomplished in the first month of his presidency.


Rabbi Stuns Those at Inaugural Prayer Breakfast

Rabbi Kahn stuns those at inaugural prayer breakfast

Jonathan Cahn recently spoke at the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, held just before Donald J. Trump succeeded Barack Obama as commander in chief. The messianic rabbi, whom some have called "America's Prophet" and the author of sensational bestsellers, including the new devotional "The Book Of Mysteries," hailed the rise of Trump as an example of God's will.

Warning the audience his message would be "true" rather than "politically correct," Cahn reminded them it is God who decides who rules nations and empires.

Voter Fraud is Real

Voter Fraud is a real thing The establishment political establishment and main-stream media recently attempted to dismiss President Trump when he called for an investigation of voter fraud in this country. Even former president Barack Obama had to get into the act by calling it "fake news." That certainly runs counter to what the respected and widely quoted Pew Center on the States says. They found that there is “susceptible to fraud” and “evidence that America’s voter registration system needs an upgrade.”

Environmental Fanatics Try One More Time

Environmental crazies make one last gasp Yes, the environmental crazies (and their buddies in the media and congress) are trying for one last gasp before the Trump administration takes office and tries to bring some sanity back to government. In this case it is the continued un-scientific controversy about fracking.

This started out In 2009, when a handful of Dimock, Pennsylvania, homeowners sued a Houston-based company alleging their drinking water was tainted by fracking. This complaint and others like it from across the country prompted a five-year, $29 million Environmental Protection Agency study. The result was a draft report released in June 2015 which stated, “did not find evidence that these mechanisms have led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States.”


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