Destroying American History

Liberals in the education sector are attempting to hijack US history Those who wish to subjugate and rule a county to their way of thinking know that they must do two things: control the education system and then change what history is taught to only agree with their philosophy. One of the best examples of this was when Adolf Hitler was coming to power and he took over the education system. Hitler’s view on education was that it served a sole purpose – to ensure that a child was loyal to the Nazi state to ensure that the Third Reich lasted for 1000 years. There are many in the United States who having been working since the early part of the 20th century to also achieve this aim.
Over the last 100+ years they have slowly been changing the history books being taught in our public schools to bend the minds of our children to their ways of thinking and eliminating teaching the concepts of the US Constitution. Your grandparents would no longer recognize the history that is being taught and what is being left out.
According to Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, liberal elements in the education sector are putting a new spin on American history in an attempt to hijack the history of the U.S. for future leftist political gains. To underscore this, he mentions that a group of some 56 history professors from across the U.S. recently published an open letter objecting to the College Board’s new Advanced Placement U.S. History exam.  The exam, they wrote, "shortchanges students by imposing on them an arid, fragmentary, and misleading account of American history."
The letter states that "Educators and the public have been willing to trust the College Board to strike a sensible balance among different approaches to the American past.  Rather than issuing detailed guidelines, the College Board has in the past furnished a brief topical outline for teachers, leaving them free to choose what to emphasize.  In addition, the previous AP U.S. History course featured a strong insistence on content, i.e., on the students’ acquisition of extensive factual knowledge of American history.  But with the new 2014 framework, the College Board has put forward a lengthy 134-page document which repudiates that earlier approach, centralizes control, deemphasizes content, and promotes a particular interpretation of American history," the letter concludes.
They point out that "there are notable political or ideological biases inherent in the 2014 framework, and certain structural innovations that will inevitably result in imbalance in the test, and bias in the course. Chief among these is the treatment of American national identity." Kurtz believes that this change is an attempt to "internationalize" the nation’s past in the minds of young learners. 
The College Board disagrees and says that its new test is an attempt to provide balance for teachers and students.
Knowing our history helps create our future.  The history of America helps us to understand  what made our country so powerful and influential.  The U.S. is envied and emulated throughout the world in one form or another.  Any attempt to revise our country’s past, is bound to limit and impede progress in the future. Changing our history may help a select few maintain power, but ultimately will destroy our country like it has to so many others in the past.
The new history exam for high schoolers is being influenced by people who lead the movement to internationalize U.S. history, such as NYU history professor Thomas Bender.  Mr. Bender is a self-described proponent of what he calls "transnational connections and the global framing of the history of North America, beginning with earliest European ventures out onto the Atlantic to the present."
What that means is he is a complete critic of American exceptionalism, which is the notion that America is freer and more democratic than any other nation, and for that reason, a model at times (depending who is in office) the chief defender of freedom and self-government around the world. American exceptionalism is real.   Whether people accept it or not, it’s a fact that, unlike any other nation on the planet, America is a true melting pot, a safe haven for people of all nationalities.  People came here from around the world to help themselves and their families, but ended up helping to create a nation that became the envy of the world.
People like Bender would rather we look at this country through the eyes of our enemies in order to give us what he calls perspective.   "Americans have always found it difficult to imagine themselves as an enemy, as a problem for other people," he contends. Bender’s view of our history is that Columbus and his successors didn’t discover America so much as they discovered ‘the ocean world,’ a new global community united by the oceans. The oceans, in turn, made possible the slave trade and the birth of modern capitalism, which improved the lives of Europeans, but brought exploitation and tragic injustice to the rest of the world. 
In other words, Bender wants early American history to be less about the Pilgrims, Plymouth Colony, and John Winthrop’s 'City on a Hill' speech, and more about the role of the plantation economy and the slave trade in the rise of an intrinsically exploitative international capitalism. You will find this same point of view in the speeches of the liberal politicians running our country and others in positions of power throughout our society. They know, as Hitler did, that if you can brainwash the children to your point of view you can stay in power for a long, long time.
The history of our country is irreversible.  No one has the right to misrepresent the facts.  Those who would pervert the past for political objectives in the future with intellectual claptrap cannot be allowed to succeed in brainwashing our children in their classrooms. If he schools will not tell the truths, then protect your children by providing them the tools to learn our real history such as the Rush Revere line of books for the younger children or the free online history courses at Hillsdale College for your older children and yourself.

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