Things Nobody Told You About Common Core

Things Nobody Told You About Common Core and National Standards in our Public and Private Schools A lot of people know that Common Core is detrimental to our public school system, but most probably don't know the full extent of what it does. This is witnessed by the fact that home schooling has been doubling every year in the United States. This is demonstrated by how low we are ranked in math and science skills against other countries around the world. Below are five thing about Common Core that most people don't know.
  1. Intrusion into education is not a power given by the states to the federal government in the Constitution. Three federal statutes prohibit the federal government from controlling, supervising, or directing curriculum. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), recently passed into law, states that the federal Department of Education must approve the standards adopted by any state accepting federal funding.
  2. Common Core cemented into law by the signing of the ESSA is not just a set of standards as proponents have told us for years. Those who control the tests control the curriculum. Bill Gates stated that when standards, curriculum, and tests are aligned “we will have succeeded.” David Coleman, architect of the Common Core ELA standards, stated or threatened that no force on earth will keep teachers from teaching to the tests.
  3. We were told that the standards covered only English Language Arts and Math. The actual title of the ELA standards is Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/ Social Studies, Science, and Technology. Science standards have since been introduced under the title of Next Generation Science. The exemplars listed in the ELA standards include many informational readings that are required to comprise a significantly high percent of assigned reading greatly reducing the assigned reading of literature.
  4. The corporations, business elites, and government officials have no interest in the education of children. Their purpose is to create a national curriculum through Common Core/ ESSA that supplies a source of workers who are undereducated, not trained to think for themselves, and who will thus be easily controlled. The one-size- fits-all education provided by CC/ ESSA develops the mindset in our young that nobody is to excel and each person is to be the same. All thoughts must be the result of group thinking. The role of the parents is to be diminished with the government replacing the parents. Note the language for Community Schools in the ESSA.
  5. You may have been told that your state has replaced the Common Core Standards with its own set of standards. Careful examination of your state’s new standards will reveal that these new state standards are really the Common Core Standards that have been rebranded by giving them a new name.

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