Trump and the Military

President Donald Trump was in New York City earlier this week for the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade. He is the first sitting president to accept the honor, although it has been offered to every president since 1985. It is just one more demonstration on how much he respects and appreciates our men and women in uniform. This isn't the first time that he has been involved in the Veteran's Day Parade.

In 1995, just three months before the parade was to take place, the organizers had only $1.21 in the event's bank account. They had approached over 200 corporations, including military contractors, to find some financial support. "Zippo, dada, zilch," the 1995 parade's executive director Tom Fox told the New York Times. "Nothing from Northrup, United Technologies, none of them. To me, it's a sin."

It was at that point that then-businessman Donald Trump stepped in and saved the event by contributing between $325,000 and $375.000, parade organizer Vincent McGowan told CNN in 2016. His contribution created a windfall of donations to the parade's coffers and, while the parade's budget was reduced from $2.9 million to $2.4 million, the NYT reported that the parade was able to go on.

There have been other instances where he has shown support for our troops. In 1985, Trump made a $1 million contribution to help fund the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in New York City. And as a presidential candidate in 2016, he donated $1 million to the Marine Corps Law-Enforcement Foundation - a charity that provided educational services to children of fallen Marines and police officers.

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