Universal Background Checks - The Real Story

Universal Background Checks One of the big pushes by those in power that want to control us all (specifically the anti-gun crowd) is for "Universal Background Checks". Although a lot of people are agreeing with this course of action, I don’t think they have thought this all the way through.

Because they haven’t figured out how to get rid of the Second Amendment or getting Congress to pass a universal background check law, the Obama administration's is trying to accomplish the same thing by issuing regulations. These proposed regulations -- mandating the government collection of data on ALL lawful gun buyers and sellers -- amounts to the same thing as universal gun registration and gun owner licensing without having to go through Congress. The fact that this gun ban agenda and this universal background check system are unconstitutional regulatory schemes makes no difference to them.

Let’s think a little bit more about what universal background checks would mean: Universal background checks are background checks on EVERY transfer, sale, purchase, trade, gift, rental, and loan of a firearm between any and all individuals. 

What could this mean?

  • Imagine a grandfather having to do a background check on his 12-year-old grandson before giving him a family shotgun.
  • Or doing a background check on his lifetime best buddy before lending him a hunting rifle.
  • Or, if your mother had a break-in at her home, having to do a background check on your own Mom before you could give her one of your guns for protection.

Ridiculous? Yes. Law-abiding citizens accidentally violating these regulations? Yes.

And do we really NEED more laws or regulations? Not really. Consider the laws already on the books:

  • All background checks must CURRENTLY be conducted through a federally licensed dealer.  Universal background checks have nothing to do with gun shows – they are about getting your information.
  • It is CURRENTLY a federal felony to be engaged in the business of buying and selling firearms, for livelihood and profit, without having a federal firearm dealers license.
  • It is CURRENTLY a crime for a federally licensed dealer to sell a gun without doing a background check – that's all dealers, everywhere, including at retail stores, gun shows, flea markets or anywhere else.
  • It is CURRENTLY a federal felony for any private person to sell, trade, give, lend,  rent or transfer a gun to a person you know or should have known is not legally allowed to own, purchase or possess a firearm.
  • Their CURRENTLY is a penalty for selling a gun to a person who is a criminal, mentally ill, mentally incompetent, alcohol abuser or drug abuser is 10-year federal felony. 
  • It is ALSO a federal felony to submit false information on a background check form for the purpose of purchasing a firearm. 

It would seem that the current laws pretty much cover everything needed.

They seem to work well, as a 2012 report to the Department of Justice stated that more than 72,000 people were turned down on a gun purchase in 2010 because they didn't pass the background check.  So the problem presents itself: Why were only 44 of the criminals caught in the act of lying on the form to illegally purchase a firearm not prosecuted?

In an article in The Daily Caller (1/18/2013), Vice President Joe Biden answered that by saying, "... regarding the lack of prosecutions on lying on Form 4473s, we simply don't have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody who lies on a form, that checks a wrong box, that answers a question inaccurately."

Well, if they don’t have the time or manpower to prosecute those who lie on background check forms NOW, then why do they want more background checks, more paperwork and more forms? Because, it's backdoor gun registration, allowing the government to keep a computerized registry of every single gun owner in the country.

And why should that scare you?

First of all, universal background checks would do nothing to prevent violent criminals from obtaining guns on the black-market to carry out unspeakable crimes ALREADY PROHIBITED under federal and state laws.  Instead of stopping crime, they are potentially creating more criminals by targeting law-abiding gun owners.

Second, throughout history, those who crave power have always gone after people’s forms of protection. For instance, one the the first things Adolf Hitler did in his rise to dictatorship was require that everyone register their guns with the government. It made it really easy later to know where all the guns were of his opposition.

That’s why the Second Amendment was written.

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