Why Your Dog is So Happy to See You

Why dogs love their humans There is nothing better than coming home and having your dog so happy to see you.

But did you know that according to a recent study performed by canine researchers at Emory University — your dog isn’t just happy to see you when you get home.

It’s a scientific fact that they’re downright thrilled.

Dr. Gregory Berns — the lead researcher on the study — used MRI scans to look at the canine brain when they’re reunited with their human.

So first, he exposed the dogs to various scents and photos of human faces they didn’t recognize…

As expected, this sparked certain areas of the dog brain having to do with curiosity and interest — but not much else.

But when Dr. Berns showed the dogs a photo of their human…

Their brains went HAYWIRE.

Because the photo kickstarted the “response/reward” area of the canine’s brain... the part that showers them with feel-good hormones.

So, in other words, seeing a picture of their human was literally a treat for the dog.

And when they introduced the scent of the pup's human, the response was even more powerful.

In fact, when Dr. Berns tested the photo and scent of the canine’s doggy parent, against a mouth-watering hot dog…

Incredibly, the pup’s human was 20% MORE exciting to them than a delicious hot dog.1

Can you believe it — your pup picking you over a delicious treat?

Well, it all boils down to one thing:

Your dog recognizes YOU as a member of the pack.

Don’t forget: Dogs originated from sociable wolves. And keeping their pack together means the world to them.

So when you come home, it’s not just a reunion… it’s a reward for your dog’s “wolf brain.”

But unfortunately, as dogs get older, they start to lose their ability to recognize their own human.

It's called CDS — or cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

Think of CDS as “dog Alzheimer’s." It leads to increased forgetfulness, needless barking, and more “accidents” in the house.

And as a veterinarian with decades of experience, I know it’s downright tough to deal with.

Especially since a dog’s ability to recognize their human is a MAJOR source of happiness and joy for them.

But don’t worry — there’s good news. The risk of developing CDS can be reduced.

Because one of its leading causes is oxidative damage.

Oxidative damage occurs when your dog produces too many free radicals. And these “body-busting” chemicals damage tissue and make your dog start acting older.

So what’s one of the best ways to fight free radicals and oxidative damage?


Now, you’ve probably heard of antioxidants — and how good they are for you and me.

Well, it turns out they’re also incredible (and essential) for your dog!

You see, antioxidants are like an army of “oxidation busters.” And they go to work helping to sharpen your dog’s brain.2

So, as a little treat to you and your pup, I wanted to pass along a delightful way to give your dog more antioxidants…

… in totally one-of-a-kind way…

It’s called Dr. Marty’s Rover Rubdown

And to do it, all you need are your two hands… and one key ingredient: Frankincense.

Frankincense is an ancient oil that’s chock-full of antioxidants. That’s why it’s been used for thousands of years to help soothe sore muscles, boost immunity, and reduce skin irritation…

And best of all, it's easily absorbed right into your pup's skin!

So here’s how to treat your doggie to a frankincense rubdown:

Step 1: Pour 2-3 drops of Frankincense (you don’t need much, it’s very potent) into your palm and rub both hands together.

Step 2: Call your dog over and let him or her smell your hands so they can get used to it. Once your dog is comfortable…

Step 3: Massage the side of your dog’s face in circular motions with both hands, just under their ears and above their jaw.

Bonus: If your dog is scared of their weekly bath, this is an excellent way to calm them down before they get into the tub.

In a study of 90 pets — those had higher antioxidant levels showed healthier body weight, stronger skin, and reduced chance of disease. They even lived longer.3 So not only do antioxidants provide BIG benefits for your pup’s brain… they also help give your dog a stronger, healthier body too. All the more reason to treat your dog to some antioxidants!

There you have it! Your favorite friend gets excited for their weekly rub-down. In fact, just smelling the frankincense gets their tails wagging. :)

Yep, they love it... and I love what it does for their brain health. It’s a “win-win!”

So I hope you can give this simple doggy massage a try.

It’s a super easy way to make sure your pup’s mind stays tip-top…

And that’s something anyone can get excited about!

1 Berns, Gregory. What’ It’s Like to Be a dog. Hachette Book Group. September 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0465096244.
2 Cotman CW, et al. Brain aging in the canine: a diet enriched in antioxidants reduces cognitive dysfunction. Neurobiol Aging 2002;23:809-818.
3 Cupp, CJ, et al. Effect of Nutritional Interventions on Longevity of Senior Cats. JARVM 2007; Vol 5, Iss 3

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