Obama's Vacation Like Royalty

Obama family spends over $85 Million on vacations According to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Judicial Watch, over the past eight years, President Barack Obama and his family have spent more than $10 million a year for travel and vacations, totaling in excess of $85 million — and the number is still growing.

Judicial Watch has been tracking the president’s travel spending for several years and just disclosed, based on bills it received this week, that the first family spent almost $5 million in taxpayer money for their annual Christmas vacation to Hawaii last year.

We Shouldn't Be Subsidizing Wind and Solar Energy

We Shouldn't Be Subsidizing Wind and Solar Energy I recently read an article by Katie Tubb from that really made a good case for getting rid all of the subsides for wind and solar energy. Supporters argue they are necessary for a lot of reasons, such as business certainty, stimulating the economy, preserving jobs, combating global warming, competing internationally, and so forth.

But in reality, they actually hurt the very industries they’re supposed to help by reducing innovation and making U.S. companies less competitive at home and abroad. The truth is that a free market is far more likely to produce the growth and innovation that subsidy supporters claim to want. And yet each year, when Congress tries to extend, re-extend, or retroactively extend targeted tax credits for renewable energy, it hurts long-term innovation and growth.

The Truth About the Flat Tax Proposals

Reforming the tax code One of the themes of every presidential campaign seems to be reforming the tax code. After all, it is something that most people hate to deal with, so it’s a safe subject. Some candidates are again proposing a Flat Tax. It sounds simple and most people would love something less complex.

Then there are the candidates who don’t want to repeal the entire tax code, but blame its complexity on the graduated rates and unfair deductions. That’s not the problem either. The politicians and political pundits focus on rates in an effort to distract voters from the real argument or because they simply don’t understand the economics.

The trouble with a flat tax with one rate is that it would be harmful to most Americans.

The EPA Needs Military Weaponry?

Does the EPA really need military hardware? At a time when the National Debt is so obviously out of control, Two recent reports have once again shown the government’s blatant, wasteful spending habits. A Government Accountability Office report shows that federal spendthrifts are shelling out big bucks to the amount of nearly $125 billion for things we don’t need, don’t want or can’t use. 

As an example, scrutiny of one agency’s budgets over the past several years shows a puzzling pattern of spending by the EPA.

Budget Cuts That Make Sense

Some common sense proposals Most people in this country really have no clue as to what the US federal government really spends all of their hard earned money. This really comes to play when you read some of the proposed budget cuts that Paul Ryan is spearheading in the House of Representatives. Whether the new Republican House really has the guts to eliminate some of this nonsense remains to be seen:


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