Who is Roger Pearson

Who is Roger Pearson?

Roger Pearson That is a question that started out very complex in my younger days and has been pounded into something pretty simple over the years.

Back in the late 60's, I decided to major in Education at the University of Northern Colorado (back then it was only a teacher's college). But, having grown up in the midwest, I wasn't quite ready for what the real world had to throw at me. I found that while I loved being a teacher, I would have probably gotten fired from every school district in the country.

This was the decade of the "new math" and phonics were not allowed to be taught in another grand experiment. I found that school boards were restricting teachers to what books they could use and couldn't use (still happening today). In my innocence, I thought the purpose of being a teacher was to inspire students to expand their thirst for knowledge. What I found was a system that restricted knowledge into what a few wanted the next generations to believe. Disillusioned, I left college to attend the University of Life.

The University of Life has some tough courses that have to be learned and I've probably taken more than most. The first time I flirted with multi-level marketing was in the early 70's when I joined Amway. While they had some great products, the marketing plan was very difficult to gain any steam. Over the years I attempted to build (and then lost) three different Amway downline groups. And I've forgotten all of the other networking products I've tried to sell, which include decorating products, honey products, nutritional products, etc, etc, etc.

Of course, I've had to find a way to support myself while trying to find my place in the world. So, I spent 10 years in restaurant management, four years in the supermarket business, three years managing a Radio Shack (which introduced me to computers), and eleven years in the computer sales and support fields. I've owned my own landscaping & lawn care service, which morphed into landscape design. I love designing, but would have had to go back to college to study engineering to progress further. That wasn't in the cards, so I continued my journey into another venue. I've owed a commercial janitorial business, but couldn't find reliable employees to clean to my standards and sold that.

Then there were the construction jobs, installing fence in the mountains of Colorado, making leather holsters in a sweatshop, being a bartender and waiter in the Denver bars, constructing mobile homes, pumping gas (before self-service), making rounds as an overnight security guard, cold calling in a call center (lasted 3 days in that one), many Internet based plans and a lot more I've probably forgotten.

Throughout the last 40 years though, there have been two things that have always been consistent. The first being my love of teaching which I've done along the way, such as teaching OS/2 while working at an IBM support center, and now with this web site.

The second is my belief that someday I would find the right combination of product and business plan to build a successful network marketing business. I have finally found that company and am now applying all the knowledge I've learned at the University of Life to bring that dream to reality. It's been a long road, but I'm now enjoying the rewards.

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